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Trash Can Source Offers $177B Interest Free Bailout Loan to Federal Government

Trash Can Source Offers Bailout Deal to United States Federal Government to Purchase Trash Cans To Dispose of Government Waste.

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) July 21, 2010

Trash Can Source, a division of Highland Products Group, announced today its offer of a $177 billion bailout package to the federal government to provide commercial trash cans at two-year, 0% financing in order to aid in the cleanup of excessive government waste. According to recent public filings, there is still $177 billion of stimulus money not yet committed from the $787 billion stimulus package. The ecommerce waste management retailer seeks to relieve some of the pressure being placed upon the federal government to clean up Washington.

In an official statement issued earlier today, Highland Products Group Chairman and CEO Christopher George communicated Trash Can Source's patriotism, profound generosity and willingness to help by offering to provide the United States federal government with two-year interest-free financing for the purchase of trash cans through their GSA contract. “With unemployment and deficit spending on the rise, Trash Can Source is prepared to bail out the United States,” said George. “Last year our surplus was approximately $1.5 trillion higher than that of the federal government. We feel it is our responsibility to help.” George continued, “All of our trash cans are made right here in America, and Democrats and Republicans agree we need to clean up government waste.”

Bankers are confident that they can place paper on Highland Product Group's behalf. Some restrictions apply.

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