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Durable & Safe Bleachers Offered by Commercial Site Furnishings Company Highland Products Group

Commercial Site Furnishings Company Highland Products Group Provides Bleacher Systems with Extra Safety and Durability Features

Boca Raton, FLORIDA – September 23, 2010 – Highland Products Group LLC, a leading ecommerce retailer of commercial site furnishings and parent company of The Park Catalog, officially announced today that the company is launching a campaign to raise awareness about bleacher construction and safety. 

In light of the recent bleacher system collapse at a car race in Brazil, where police suspect structural problems with the bleacher system as the cause for the collapse, Highland Products Group is stepping forward to fill the need for safe bleachers and grandstands internationally. Their bleacher design, fabrication and installation process provides bleacher systems with extra safety and durability features that you simply will not find from other brands.

The ecommerce company’s focus on safety and dependability shines through in every aspect of the bleacher installation process, easily setting The Park Catalog apart from other bleacher companies through a combination of extra support on the steps and a more dependable hand rail system mixed with the best materials and unmatched expertise.

“People expect to buy a bleacher system that is safe for decades, not just for a few years,” said Highland Product Group’s CEO Chris George. “That’s why we take these extra steps.”
About Highland Products Group

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Highland Products Group is the most comprehensive and fastest growing company focused exclusively on the market for commercial site furnishings, offering over 20,000 items in categories such as public seating, crowd control equipment, special event flooring, parking lot supplies, waste management, athletic facility equipment, commercial matting, carpet tiles and specialty flooring, outdoor accessories and more. Highland has served over 40,000 customers worldwide including government agencies, municipalities, educational institutions and commercial facility owners since 2001. Highland’s products can be viewed at The Park Catalog or by requesting a copy of Highland’s 372-page master catalog. For more information, please contact Demi Pietchell at 561-948-2052.

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